“Your life will change the moment you decide that YOU are worthy!”

“Your life will change the moment you decide that YOU are worthy!”

When I say you are worthy, I mean every single word of it, with my deepest emotions and passion! 


I can’t stress enough how these 3 words can change how you live and how you show up in your life! I understand it is easier said than done. But change requires commitment and a new habit formed. How you talk to yourself or how you view yourself directly affects how you show up in life, and your energy and vibrations can be FELT by the people around you! The reality is, people pick up on how you feel about yourself and treat you accordingly. 

Thoughts create reality. This is so true! If you believe YOU are worthy- how would you act differently today, when you wake up in the morning? How would you look at yourself in the mirror in the morning before you start your day? How would you FEEL? 

Many of my clients come to me with these following self-sabotaging statements: 

I am not worthy of love, because ……..
♦️ I have been cheated on 
♦️ I am not capable 
♦️ I am stupid 
♦️ I am not attractive 
♦️ I was fired from a job 
♦️ I am not handsome 
♦️ I don’t know what I want 
♦️ I don’t deserve love 
♦️ I don’t drive a nice car 
♦️ I don’t make enough money
♦️ I can’t get a woman to stay with me 
♦️ I have been sexually assaulted 

As much compassion and love as I have toward my clients and how they formed these negative beliefs (past experiences, trauma, or events), they need to realize they are the only ones with the power to change their thinking and perspective about themselves. 

I urge you to reprogram your brain and take your power back today! 

All we need to do is wipe off all the negative beliefs you’ve created about yourself on the white board! That’s right, let’s erase them and start anew! 

Let’s start with this new belief that “YOU ARE WORTHY of all the things you want in life!” It is simply your birthright. No reason behind it! No justification required! 

You are WHOLEPERFECT and COMPLETE! If you adapt to this new belief, feel these emotions, and treat yourself the way you want to be treated and love yourself the way you want to be loved, your life will change as you commit to this new positive belief! And it will change ALL aspects of your life, not just your love life

What would you do differently today, feeling YOU ARE WORTHY of all good things in life? How would you treat yourself?

~ Love you more ❤️


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