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Your Insecurities May Slowly Kill Your Loving Relationship


We all have our own insecurities. Most importantly, we need to be aware to not let our insecurities affect our relationship. If we don’t keep our insecurities in check, they may slowly kill our loving relationship. Our insecurities may come from our childhood. When our caretakers left us, we may have experienced “separation anxiety”, where we become so attached to our caretakers we don’t know how to deal with the anxiety when we must separate from them. We need to handle our insecurities within ourselves, so we can become more secure, self reliant individuals. Without overcoming our insecurities, no amount of love or comfort from our mate can make us feel loved.

Whether or not we were insecure as a child or if we were traumatized by past relationships, our mate would feel suffocated in the relationship to have to continuously comfort or reassure us. This is a turn-off, and a very frustrating process. Our insecurities are a self reflection of how unloveable, unworthy, and undeserving we feel within ourselves.

It is imperative to love yourself first, because if you continuously try to find validation or confidence from your mate, you may never find your own core happiness as an individual to feel whole. You will fail to be self reliant, and won’t be emotionally independent enough to contribute positively into your relationship.

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