You need to look beyond physical appearance and sex appeal to find your soul mate.

You need to look beyond physical appearance and sex appeal to find your soul mate.

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Here is the dilemma: men oftentimes have no clue who they want or what they are looking for in their soul mate.

Shouldn’t it be someone who can complement your life and grow with you in the future?

Here are what men, who come to me for help, would tell me initially:

The woman I am looking for should be……


Seriously? Is that all you’re looking for? If you go on dates or if you look around daily, don’t we see women who embody those very general physical traits everywhere? Even me, as a woman, I find women everywhere who can fit that criteria. And 2 out of 3 of those criteria are purely physical appearance and completely visual and superficial. And everyone is intelligent in his/her own ways.

I encourage you to replace or elaborate on these traits with personality and character attributes that dive deeper, with more depth and feelings attached. Because, trust me, you know more than you can verbalize. I am here to encourage you to identify them.

What do you wish for your soul mate to make you FEEL?

♦️ Respected
♦️ Admired
♦️ Trustworthy
♦️ Loved
♦️ Desired
♦️ Cherished
♦️ Appreciated

Please look for descriptives that are driven by feelings and emotions. Love is feelings, emotions, energy and vibrations. If the woman makes you FEEL the above emotions, do you wish for her to be your soul mate? Do these characteristics extend far beyond just the physical attributes? And you can also provide examples under each key point (whatever you come up with) to illustrate that key point/criteria.

What other criteria are you looking for in your soul mate that’s beyond physical appearance and sex appeal?

~ Love you more ❤️


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