Who’s getting married?

Who’s getting married?

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Who’s getting married?

Who’s getting married?

That’s right.

My friend, Sharon.

Who I met,

Six months ago,

Consulted me-

About her love life..

As she knew I am-

A love coach.


That’s right.

I help men in my business life.

I help women in my personal life.

She has been dating this handsome abundant man, Tim, who attracts a lot of attention from women.

On a daily basis..

Wherever he goes..

Although Sharon has her own business.

She felt she wasn’t good enough for him.

And that’s deep rooted from her childhood.

The challenge was…

She wanted to get married but she’s insecure.

I realized…

She has more of an anxious attachment style.

Anxious attachment people feel insecure when their partners are physically away from them.

They feel a need to contact their partners to calm what they experience in fear and anxiety.


That’s counterproductive.

In a relationship..


The more she chased or contacted him-

The more he felt suffocated and wanted to run away.

You see…

I helped her for 6 months to uncover the deep rooted causes.

We combat one by one.

While building her own confidence and strengthening her self love..

So she became-

Securely attached..

In a relationship.

A well balanced woman,

Who owns her business,

And is confident in her own skin..

In both her business life-


In her romantic relationship…

The result??

Wait for it…

Tim took Sharon to a romantic restaurant

Last weekend-

When the waiter delivered the dessert and opened the tin food cover.

Da dah!!!

A beautiful Diamond ring sparkled her eyes..

She asked in disbelief-

“Who’s getting married?”

He stood up and kneeled down, “We are! Will you marry me?”

Should we say “YES”, my loves 💕?

~ Love you more ❤️


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