"The worst red flag.."

“The worst red flag..”

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The worst red flag..

In dating..

Is that everyone goes on dates to look for red flags.

You know why?

Because it means..

They are not in the PRESENT moment

To enjoy the date.

They are looking in the rear view mirror of

Their past relationships

That they fail

To live in the present moment

With no limiting beliefs

To truly tap into the fun, romantic, loving and sensual side of themselves.

To emanate their charismatic,



Confident energy-

To attract the other person.

Thus, they diminish the “potential” of the connection..

As they are too busy..

Looking for red flags

Than to enjoy the date.

They become the worst red flag in dating..

That is..

To not be “open minded”

To embrace the “uniqueness” of the other person

To embrace the “new” possibility of what the future may hold..

As they are too busy worrying about their past

Looking into the rear view mirror..

To justify or project the fear of their past relationship nightmares..

Please allow yourself


Go on dates to experience the fun….


~ Love you more ❤️


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