"Tell me....."

“Tell me…..”


Tell me………

The worst question you can ever ask a woman that you just started messaging online-


Tell me….

Tell me about yourself!

Seriously.. 😅

What a vague question.

Where should we start?


Isn’t it more like a job interview question?

She has already talked about herself in her profile.

If you have read her profile, you can get to know her more by asking or referring something that she shared in her profile.

If you finally matched with her and you asked her, “tell me about yourself” question via DM.

It would feel like the question is a little too much to answer fully via DM.

Don’t you think?

Women may lose patience and don’t know where to begin.

It will sound like you were her boss, not a potential romantic partner!

Prepare a few light fun questions to start with…

For example,

“What is the one thing you missed the most during lockdown?”

“Where is your next vacation destination?”

“Name two fun facts about yourself.”


What else can you come up with?

~ Love you more ❤️


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