She killed my baby!

She killed my baby!


She killed my baby!

She killed my baby!

A new friend of mine..

Who never shared anything..

Vulnerable with me..

All of a sudden-

Opened up to me last weekend..

I asked..

“It seems like you safeguard your heart.”

He answered with..

“I do protect my heart because if I do fall in love, I fall hard.”

He shared a story of his past..

He said he had a horrible experience..

That traumatized him-

For a long time..

And he may not truly recover from it..

With a past girlfriend..

Where he found out she had some integrity issues…

At the verge of breaking up..

She found out she was pregnant..

He is a Christian.

He wanted his ex to keep his baby..

He proposed that..

Even though-

They can’t be a couple anymore.

That he still wanted his baby.

“I will raise the baby on my own. You just need to carry the baby to term.”

She thought otherwise.

She didn’t want to bring a life into this world..


Didn’t matter whose responsibility it was to raise the baby.

He was crushed.

He begged her to reconsider.

That he’s the biological father..

And he should’ve had a right to opinion or be considered in the decision making process.

His ex didn’t budge.

She got an abortion after all.

It really shattered his heart for the breakup


The loss of an unborn child..

He wished..

He had a say..

Even though he couldn’t physically carry the baby..

He felt it was unfair..

In his situation..

Since then.. he had a few rebound relationships..

And he started to guard his heart..

Do you think it was an unfair decision?

~ Love you more ❤️


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