Self-love is the first step to emanating & attracting your soul mate!

Self-love is the first step to emanating & attracting your soul mate!


When we talk about self-love, what does that mean?

Self-love can be defined as embracing and accepting all versions of who you are: past, present, and future, thereby loving all parts of you unconditionally and unapologetically without judgement, shame, guilt, etc.

Self-love doesn’t require any behaviors from your end; you don’t need to do anything to feel deserving of it. It is your birthright to feel the love you deserve and to love yourself. Our culture/society has conditioned us to believe that we must act a certain way to deserve love. We need to undo these limiting beliefs in order to love and accept ourselves fully.

Self-love consists of taking care of as well as nourishing your own self: body, mind, and soul.

Self-love is an inside job; you can’t fake it until you make it. The love you have within you emanates and creates ripple effects to the people around you.

To master self-love to its highest level is to fulfill your life to its fullest (find your purpose) and to be the best version of yourself while fulfilling it.

Mastering self-love is an integral part of whether or not you can successfully manifest your soul mate. If you don’t love yourself, you are emanating the vibrational energy that you aren’t deserving of love by being who you are.

Thus, love yourself and identify your purpose in life in order to fulfill the best version of yourself. This is paramount to attracting your soul mate.

Do you love yourself unconditionally?

~ Love you more ❤️


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