Papa, I love you!

Papa, I love you!


Papa, I love you!

Papa, I love you!

Sam, my client of two months.

Sent me a text the other day.

“I am just in a daze.”

He’s in disbelief.

He’s in shock.

He could barely breathe.

“Stay calm!” I urged.

He said.

“I only have 4 hours with her.”

Then he continued..

“I need to hold back my tears!”

“Yes! You’ve got this!” I reassured.

One month ago I shared his story, “Papa, I miss you!”

The post went viral.

His wife left him 7 months ago with his 6 year old daughter.

His story touched many peoples’ hearts.

It has been a struggle as he’s been working on himself.


His friends support him to work on reuniting with his family.


His family told him to give up.

The goal in coaching has always been to work on himself..

To gain clarity.

To do the inner work.

How did he get here?

Where does he want to be?!

As his wife has her own free will to decide what she wants to do.

He has been having breakthroughs week after week.


Let go of the childhood traumas

Let go of who he was as a husband

Let go of his own ego, demons, fears, etc.

He’s his own worst enemy at times.

He was in his own way.


Love is infinite.

Love is divine.

Love is limitless.

“Calm your fears,” I often say to him.

“I know,” he’d answer.

“Focus on yourself!” I urge every week.

“I know,” he’d confirm.

He hasn’t seen his daughter for 4 months.

We’ve worked on him for two months.

It took 7 years for his marriage to fall apart.

In reality.. manifestation takes time, consistency & aligned actions to come into fruition.

After two months of working together.


One day-


It all seemed so surreal.

When the manifestation of seeing his daughter came in.

He couldn’t believe it!

He was shaking.

He couldn’t breathe!

“Have fun!” I said lastly.

Then, pics of him and his daughter started to come in!

I smiled with tears in my eyes praying he would go through that day with ease and happiness.

He did.

We high fived over FaceTime.

With happy tears!

We both know, more miracles await.

The truth is.

When one person changes, the whole dynamics of the relationship would shift.

If you want to transform your love life, DM me!

Let’s make miracles happen!


~ Love you more ❤️


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