"Love, Passion and Lust are what build a healthy romantic loving relationship." - Kolline Lee Coaching

“Love, Passion and Lust are what build a healthy romantic loving relationship.”



Is created beyond the early stage of infatuation. It is created through time, shared experiences and consistency in creating the life where you continuously put each other first. It has an element of commitment.

What defines passion?

Passion includes 1) being passionate about ourselves outside of the relationship (work, hobbies, love for animals, etc.) as individuals, and 2) being passionate about our mate, and 3) shared passions/vision of the relationship as a couple in the long run.


Is how much we desire each other physically and how we fulfill each other’s sexual needs. Without love and passion, lust itself won’t sustain over time. And without passion or lust, love won’t be as fulfilling or allow you to grow as a couple. This is how couples sometimes settle into roommates/friendships type of relationship.

Love, Passion and Lust are three important elements of sustaining and deepening the bond you have as a couple in the long run.

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