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Why Mr. Nice Guys Never Get The Woman They Want?


hy Mr. Nice Guys Never Get The Woman They Want? Have you always been the Mr. Nice Guy all your life that you have no idea why you can never get the woman you want in life? Watch this video and pay attention to the part that lists the 4 red flags women see when dating a Mr. Nice Guy. You’ll gain insight as to why Mr. Nice Guy oftentimes gets placed in the friend zone. Enjoy this video and like or comment on it. I want to hear from you.


Hi Guys, let’s talk about why Mr. Nice Guys never get the woman
they want?

Mr. Nice Guy is a term commonly used to describe men who are
agreeable, sensitive, compassionate, kind, friendly, non-
confrontational, etc.

So what’s wrong with being all that? The answer is nothing and

Nothing is wrong with having these nice traits if we want a nice
“friendship” as women can get all this from their female friends or
from “nice people“ in general.

Women would not be attracted to Mr. Nice Guy because these are
just common traits that Mr. Nice Guy normally embodies. We want
more than just being nice!

And these traits usually involve some form of passive aggressive side
to them. What do I mean by that? It means that Mr. Nice Guy’s
mindset is “as long as I am nice and play safe, I would do no harm.”
It is the mentality behind this mindset that’s not attractive and
appealing to women.  Here are the 4 red flags women perceive when
dating a Mr. Nice Guy:

#1 Mr. Nice Guy is a People Pleaser:

In order to be a Mr. Nice Guy and be “agreeable”, the man often must
compromise on being his genuine authentic self.  If he can’t be
honest to himself, what else can he be compromising on in his

In addition, if he can please a woman by being agreeable to all that
she wants, he’s a people pleaser with “all” people in all aspects of his life, at work, at home, in dating, etc.

Let me ask you, if you are a woman, would you want your man to
please you “and” all people around him? What if, one day he needs to
choose who to agree with during a conflict. Would he choose you?
How do we know that?

#2 Mr. Nice Guy is weak in his mindset/personality:

Mr. Nice Guy’s niceness is perceived by women as being “weak”
because being nice and agreeable also means that he can’t stand up
for himself when he thinks differently from others, or worse, he
doesn’t have much knowledge to steer opinionated conversations.

Either way, it means he has a weak personality. When someone has
a weak personality, he will avoid standing up for himself or for his
loved ones, even in dire situations.
Let me ask you this, do you think a woman would find a weak man
who can’t stand up for himself or who generally doesn’t have
distinctive opinions in conversations attractive? I bet you not!

#3 Mr. Nice Guy lacks confidence.

In order for a man to be “nice” all around, he is showing up as playing
safe and that also shows a lack of self-confidence because he is just
being safe and “average”. And that is not a quality that high value women are looking for in a man.

By being nice, he certainly is incapable to live his best inspired life, if playing safe makes him feel more comfortable than taking some healthier risks in bettering himself. The mindset a Mr. Nice Guy has is opposite to that of an attractive man.

#4 Mr. Nice Guy will not create sexual tension or be desired by
high value women.

Mr. Nice Guy is too agreeable, and therefore, lacks masculinity.
When a man is lacking masculinity, women will perceive him as a
“nice friend”.

He will not be able to penetrate or challenge a woman intellectually
as he’s not opinionated enough since his goal is to be “liked”. When
you can’t penetrate a woman intellectually, you sure likely won’t be
able to penetrate her physically.

In order to create desire or sexual tension, it takes more than just
being nice. It takes a man to be confident, assertive, charismatic, and protective, making the woman feel safe, secure, cherished, admired, etc. By being a Mr. Nice Guy, it compromises all the attractive traits that high value women are looking for in a man.

I hope you enjoyed this video. As always, I love you more!

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