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How To Make A Woman Want You Sexually, Part 2


How To Make A Woman Want You Sexually, Part 2 The only difference between a friendship and a romantic relationship is sexual intimacy. So how do you make sure you never become placed in a friend zone, and have the potential to cultivate a romantic and sexual relationship with the woman you desire? There are two components on how to make a woman desire you sexually. In this video, I will share the 3 criteria to achieve the second component- Mastering Your Sexual Chemistry To Create Deeper Passion. Enjoy this video! Like or comment on it; I would love to hear your feedback. As always, I love you more


In today’s video, we will be talking about the second component of
how to make a woman want you sexually.

#2 Master sexual chemistry to create deeper passion

The key is while you build attraction with the woman you desire to be
with, you are also increasing sexual chemistry at the same time.
Remember, it is important you take your time to progress with her, so
she won’t feel you’re rushing into sex too quickly; at the same time,
you don’t want to ignore building sexual chemistry because she
would feel you are not physically attracted to her and put you in the
“friend zone”.

There are 3 criteria to master sexual chemistry to create deeper

1) Embody seduction:
How do you become seductive to increasingly entice her? With the
progression of each date, you should introduce a different level of
physical intimacy. Below are examples to gradually increase physical

 Hold her hands during dinner and/or while walking her to
her car
 Give her a goodbye hug
 Give her a goodbye kiss on her forehead then on her
cheek then on her lips (slowly progressing)

The key is when you slowly progress the physical touches, you are
teasing her and enticing her to ignite her sexual desires toward you at the same time.

2) Embrace Your Sexual Self:  We all have a sexual self. Our
sexual self is the state (same as when we were in infant or toddler
stage) where we are fun, playful, self-fulfilling, curious, creative, and at times, a little egocentric.

The key is to occasionally be spontaneous, fun and flirty to increase
the sexual tension.

3) Be a good kisser:

Kissing is the most intimate romantic aspect of the sexual experience!
If you are a good kisser, you can easily turn her on sexually to make
her desire you and create sexual intimacy with you. In order to be a
good kisser, you need to be mindful that each woman may prefer/like
different ways of kissing. You need to be tuned in enough to listen
and watch her responses and bodily cues.

To sum up, you need to master attraction skills to allow the woman
you desire to see you as the man she can envision her life with. At
the same time, you need to master sexual chemistry to create deep
passion in order to cultivate a romantic, sensual and sexual relationship with her.

I hope this helps, as always, I love you more!

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