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How To Make A Woman Miss You?


How To Make A Woman Miss You? Men often ask me this question: “How do I make a woman miss me?” The key is you need to embody the characteristics that women want in a man to increase your attraction level because when she is attracted to you, she will naturally miss you. Enjoy this video on how to make yourself a highly appealing man! ~ Love you more


Hi I am kolline, a love coach for men.

I am here to provide you dating & relationship advice that can help you attract the woman you desire and deserve!

In today’s video, I will be talking about-

How to make a woman miss you.

I often get asked this question from men. How do I make a woman miss me?

Well, it depends on the “context” of the question. I would usually follow up with a couple of questions.

First: “are you talking about someone you are dating whom you wish will miss you in between dates.”? Or

Second? are you talking about someone you broke up with whom you wish to get back?

Let’s try to look at this from both scenarios.

To me, the question itself is alarming. Here is why. Because honestly, you can’t force anyone to miss you if they don’t. You can’t force someone to do something they don’t want to do. That’s the short and honest answer. Let’s dive in deeper.

Scenario #1: (how do I increase the attraction level so the woman would miss me in between dates?” )

I can coach you on how to make yourself more attractive and more appealing to her so you increase the chances of her liking you, wanting you, feeling close and safe with you so she can miss you when you are not around. The key is you need to embody what women want and be the guy women go gaga over when you are on dates so when you are apart she will naturally miss you.

I am sharing with you the below 4 tips on what women want in a man so you can authentically reveal them when you are on a date to increase her attraction level, because when she is attracted to you, she will miss you when you are not around.

1) Be curious:

You want to “show” her who you are authentically, your aspirations, your dreams, etc. while being curious about who she is, her aspirations, her dreams in life, etc. This creates a win-win as you can find out if both of you are compatible in the long run, supportive of each other’s dreams, and have the openness to grow together as a couple. Thus, the initial step is to show her your world and allow her to share her world with you.

2) Be vulnerable:

The second key is to make sure whatever you share in conversations, that you share with a deeper, more emotional level. Let’s assume she’s dating other men at the same time. In order for you to stand out from the other men, you must be able to connect with her on an emotional level. Go deep, be vulnerable, and be authentic in conversations. Whatever she wants to find out from you, be open to share with her so you allow yourself to go deep in your own emotional experiences while creating a deeper emotional bond with her. When you are willing to go deeper to create that special emotional bond, you stand apart from the other men she might be dating. This is the only way for her to feel you may potentially be the man whom she can trust her feelings and emotions with and vice versa.

3) Be confident:

Women are highly attracted to men who have high confidence. How do you embody confidence? It boils down to having passion in your life. This includes your career, as well as your relationship with others, your hobbies, interests, etc. When you live a full happy life yourself, you automatically show up with high confidence.

4) Be spontaneous, passionate, and thoughtful:

Women want a man who can combat complacency and create a loving, passionate and intimate relationship with her that lasts a lifetime. Never underestimate small chivalrous gestures like opening the door for her, pulling out the chair for her, or helping her put her jacket on..etc… Little gestures go a long way. These little things make women feel very special. They’ll help leave a lasting impression on her, thus, setting you apart from other men.

Of course it is also about planning special dates you know she’ll love. I am talking about creating dates based on her interests or things she mentioned she wanted to explore. And you need to also always make sure you embody “mature masculinity” by leading while allowing her to be feminine. You want her to feel safe and secure around you while you show that you can be romantic and sexual at the same time. Plan dinners with a nice romantic setting: dimmed lighting, or dining al fresco under the stars, so she associates the romantic experience with you, to make it an unforgettable experience. You also want to end the date with a romantic kiss to increase physical connection and sexual tension.

Scenario #2: Ok, let’s discuss how to make a woman miss you if you have already broken up.

Well, I think when a connection ends, it can be very painful. Most importantly, I don’t want you to focus on whether or not she misses you, but rather, I want you to focus on healing yourself.

If she broke up with you, try to use this time to get in touch with yourself and reflect on her reasons for the breakup. I want you to think if the problem can be fixed instead of focusing on if she misses you or not. Only when you can come up with the solutions, can you contact her to ask for a talk when you two have emotionally calmed down. Otherwise, focus on your healing and live your best life without her and move on.

Please don’t spend time stalking her social media or texting or calling her constantly. You need to reinvest into yourself and make sure you are physically, mentally and emotionally taken care of.

I hope I’ve covered both scenarios with valuable tips. Be sure to hit the subscribe bell button so you will be notified when my new videos come out every week. And like or comment on this video. As always, I love you more!

See you at the next video!

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