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How To Become A More Attractive Man


How To Become A More Attractive Man How to become a more attractive man to women goes far beyond your physical appearance, because honestly, after a few dates, it’s not about physical appearances anymore. Physical attraction is important, and if she didn’t like your physical appearance, she wouldn’t have said yes to your dates. So I won’t spend time talking about personal hygiene, neatness, your hair style, or the way you should dress. Watch this video to find out the 6 traits you need to possess to maintain your appeal to women in the long run.


Ok. I am not here to advise you on just the physical part of attraction, because honestly, after a few dates, it’s not about physical appearances anymore. The attraction I’m talking about emanates from within you. Since women can find many different types of men attractive, as long as you own your type, you are good.

Below are the 6 tips to make you a more attractive man, which goes beyond the initial physical attraction phase.

#1 Be genuine and authentic

It has to do with how you show up and how you express yourself. Be genuine in your demeanor and speak your mind truthfully in every conversation.

The key is to embrace and accept yourself as who you are, even if you have areas that you can improve on. Be honest about it. It actually makes you much more attractive since women can feel that you are human and real.

#2 Be confident and sexy

This is completely coming from within. Being confident is really about knowing what you are good at, your strengths, and what values you can bring to the relationship. Being sexy is about how attractive you think you are as a man, and how you express that sexiness within you.


#3 Be caring and kind

Trust me, what makes a woman perceive you as a long-term partner is really about if you are a caring and kind person.
It is in your character and that’s super attractive to women.

Being kind simply means that you are courteous and respectful and have concern for others. Being caring also means that you are observant and thoughtful. You care about her and others’ well-beings as well as your own.

#4 Be passionate about your life

It is important that you live a life you love. When you have a career that you are passionate about, great relationships with others, your own dreams and aspirations that you work towards to achieve, you are automatically much more attractive and stand out from other men.

#5 Be open minded & knowledgeable

This is an important concept. Women find men who are knowledgeable and have opinions of his own-wildly attractive. The reason is women love to be mentally challenged at times and when you are knowledgeable, you automatically have opinions to share.

#6 Be emotionally available & vulnerable

This may be the hardest for you to do as men have been conditioned to be brave and strong since a young age. I need to encourage you to always communicate maturely, but at the same time, share more of which life experiences have shaped you to be who you are today.

Try your best to get in touch with events/incidents that happened that were important and uniquely contributed to who you are today. Be sure to express yourself in the most open-hearted way to invite her to get to know you at the deepest, most vulnerable level!

In order for you to be more attractive to women, you must know it’s all about enhancing your true character of being authentic, genuine, kind, and caring. You want to emanate confidence and masculine energy from within.

It’s also important to be open-minded and knowledgeable to challenge and support her. Live your best passionate life, embrace your life experiences, and share vulnerably so you have something uniquely yours to offer in a relationship.

As always, I love you more.

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