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How To Attract The Right Woman


How To Attract The Right Woman In the modern dating world, men often have challenges deciding which woman has the true potential to cultivate something deeper, to ensure success in the relationship. Men may have general ideas of what they want in a woman (sexy, smart, funny, ambitious, etc.) but men should also know what they DON’T want, so they can eliminate the wrong ones to narrow down to who they want to invest their precious time and energy. Watch this video to identify women who trigger red flags.


How you attract the right woman into your life is determined by how fast and how firm you are in walking away from the wrong ones. You may do so by eliminating the ones who trigger red flags.

Below are the 4 types of women who are considered “undateable” based on their traits or where they are in their stage of life. You should be aware that there may be long term negative implications which will diminish the success of the relationship if you decide to date any of the following 4 types of women.

#1 Women who are toxic, violent or narcissistic
Women who have a history of toxic behaviors or were raised in a violent environment should trigger a red flag. Also, women who have narcissistic tendencies or diagnosed as a narcissist should also be avoided.

These women can be verbally abusive and they may emotionally, or even physically wound you in the long run. I have men coming to me sharing that their exes have abused them physically, emotionally and mentally, either with narcissistic personality disorder or violent behaviors.

In addition, these women need to reprogram their model of behavior in a relationship. And until they make that commitment to change, it’s best you make a conscious decision to not invest in a relationship or commit to a woman who possesses these negative behaviors, so you can save yourself further heartache.

#2 Women who are severely insecure and dependent
Women who are severely insecure or dependent are weak in strengthening themselves to live a life they love. Each individual should have his/her own core happiness. If someone isn’t happy and emotionally independent, how can she provide more happiness to you when you are together?

Women who are insecure or dependent can eventually suffocate you in a relationship even when you continuously reassure them. No amount of love can help if they don’t identify the source of their own insecurities.

#3 Women who have no purpose in life
Women who have no sense of purpose are lost in life. They don’t have a true direction of where their life is taking them. These women may not be financially self reliant nor have a sound career to focus on.

To be able to have something to offer in a relationship, she needs to have her own core happiness. For a relationship to grow, she should have her own goals and things she wants to accomplish in life. If she’s lost in her own life, she would rely on you much more to provide her with happiness.

#4 Women who are “not” truly single
Women who are still involved in a relationship, whether or not she’s still married, thinking of leaving her current relationship, or separated and/or not yet legally divorced are not available.

You may meet women who claim that they are single but they are truly not. In the early stage of dating, you need to ask the right questions to ensure that you don’t run into situations like this.

People aren’t always honest in what they disclose on their dating profile or in the early stage of dating. You can do your own due diligence by asking the right questions. Such as-

• Were you ever married?
• Are you legally divorced?
• Do you still talk to your ex?
• When did your last relationship end?
• How long have you been single?

Let’s not assume they are always single and available to date. You need to qualify them with your own standards of what it means to be single, and how you define if they are ready for relationships.

Even women who said they are single, you want to make sure you are not a potential rebound relationship so ask the right questions to ensure they have cut all ties with their exes and are not freshly out of a relationship.

When a relationship ends, it takes time to heal and reflect. If the woman doesn’t give herself this time to learn and grow, she may not be emotionally ready to cultivate a long-term relationship with you.

The above 4 types of women are undateable because they are emotionally unavailable, since they are too occupied with their own challenges. The key to attract the right woman faster is to have the courage to walk away from the wrong women during the early stage of dating.

Make a conscious choice to date women who have a positive mindset and can potentially offer you a great loving companionship in the long run.

As always, I love you more.

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