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How To Ace Your Converstion On The First Date?


How To Ace Your Converstions On The First Date? Happy New Year! Wishing all of you a year filled with love, happiness, laughter, success, health and fun! I get it. If you are looking for ways to ace the first date, you are not alone. It’s natural to want to know what creates attraction to ensure you score a second date. Good conversation is the key to a good first date. Watch this video and learn the 5 tips on how to ace conversations on the first date, it’s more than what you say verbally. Let’s meet your soul mate in 2021!


Hi Guys,
If you are looking for ways to ace conversations on the first date, you are not alone. Good conversation is the key to a good first date. The best conversations are usually free flowing and based on context.

Don’t be so hard on yourself since many times you can’t even control how the date will go. Situations happen. Conversations should be easy and natural to show who you are: what traits/qualities you possess, and at the same time, find out if she has what you are looking for in a woman.

Below are the 5 tips on how to SHOW & TELL on your first date.

#1 Be Confident
Everything related to dating has to do with how you “show up”, not what you say. Being confident has to do with everything that you do when you are NOT on the date but it shows her how confident you are during the date.

If you can’t be confident and comfortable in your own skin, it won’t do any good to rehearse a conversation prior to the first date, because you can never predict what she’s going to ask you or how things are going to go. So relax and just be confident in your own skin.

Let me share with you some real life examples of how the man aced the first date by SHOWING & TELLING.

Story #1
The woman was late to the date and she said she still needed to find a place to park. The man said “tell me which street you are on so I can come find you, or please drive to the front of the restaurant so I can park the car for you.”

Let me ask you, what did he just communicate? He communicated that he’s confident to come up with two solutions for her, to solve her dilemma.

This is what I mean, you can’t rehearse conversations as they are all situational.

In addition, he showed her through his communication that he’s thoughtful, caring, and quick thinking. Keep in mind that these were all demonstrated before he even saw her face in person. He did the “show and tell”.

#2 Be Attentive:
Conversations should go with the flow, based on the context you are in. You need to lead the conversations as women expect men to lead, especially on the first date. So, what are you leading the conversations with? Eye contact.

If you aren’t even focusing on her by giving her direct eye contact, how can you be attentive to her needs and start the conversation?
You must look at her with direct eye contact to really see her, to make her feel desired by you. If you are distracted by your surroundings and lack eye contact, how do you lead with any conversations?

Story 2:
A woman showed up on a date on a very cold and windy day. The man saw her shivering across the street. She had forgotten her jacket. And he had his jacket on. After he greeted her for the first time, he asked, “Are you cold? while taking off his jacket, then he said “Here you go!” And he helped her put his jacket on.

Remember, “show and tell” is much more effective. What did he do to win her heart? He was observant even before seeing her face to face, when she was still across the street. If he wasn’t attentive, do you think he would’ve offered his jacket to her? Be focused, be attentive, be observant of her body language, and offer help if you want to ace the first date.

#3 Be Romantic & Loving
Remember you are on a date, not interviewing for a job. Relax and have light conversions but be sure to ease into conversations.

After the man and his date sat down at a candle lit dinner, she glanced at the old couple next to their table. He immediately noticed what she was looking at. He then looked at the loving old couple and said. “Awww that’s so sweet they still come out for date nights!” Then he said, “my parents have a very happy marriage.” Then asked her, How about your parents?”

Guys- do you see how he first noticed that she was glancing at the old couple next to them? If he wasn’t paying attention to her, how would he have noticed? And when he volunteered to share about his parents’ loving marriage, he smoothly opened the dialogue to ask about her parents’ marriage.

He’s showing her that he can be romantic and loving by sharing that he values date nights, like the old couple, and openly shared about his parent’ marriage.

#4 Be Curious
Ok, you and your date are at a setting where you can talk. It doesn’t matter if it’s in a romantic restaurant or at the patio of a coffee shop. Here are a few examples of fun questions that you can ask to find out more about her.

1) What’s your favorite movie? And why?
2) Where is your next vacation destination?
3) How would your friends describe you?
4) What’s the best thing that’s ever happened to you?
5) What are you grateful for?

Focus on light fun conversations and dive deeper into how she answers them, to learn more about her as a person. These questions focus on the present and the future, to let you know if you are compatible. For example, if you love traveling and she says she’s a home body who is afraid to be on a plane, chances are, she won’t travel with you so she may not be compatible in the long run.

#5 Be Complimentary
For the first date, be genuine in your demeanor and conversations. Don’t interview her like she’s looking for a job. Women tend to be more shy on the first date, especially if she finds you attractive.

But remember, if you find the woman attractive, be sure to give her a genuine compliment. For example, she shows up on the date wearing a cute little black dress. Casually say, “Hi, you look nice today. The black dress looks good on you.”

The key is you compliment her on something that you find attractive without going overboard. Women can sense if you give compliments for the sake of giving compliments, so make yours genuine and true.

Thus, I want you to know that in order for you to ace conversations on the first date, you need to be confident and assertive to lead. You also need to be attentive, thoughtful, loving, romantic, curious, and complimentary!

When you have the right mindset and embody the right traits, you can ace any date you want at any given time with any woman you desire effortlessly!

As always, I love you more.

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