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8 Tips To Ace Your First Date


8 Tips To Ace Your First Date It doesn’t really matter if you’ve met a woman organically or through online dating. Meeting her for the first time can be nerve racking. Below are 8 tips to help you ace your first date! Enjoy these tips and like or comment on this video. As always, I love you more


Hi Guys,
It doesn’t really matter if you’ve met a woman organically or
through online dating. Meeting her for the first time can be nerve
racking. Below are 8 tips to help you ace your first date! 

#1 Be your true authentic self: 
Instead of being nervous, focus on being your true self. You want
to make sure she’s interested in the real you, so don’t waste time
trying to impress her with a fake version of yourself. When you
compromise your own integrity to impress, she might be interested in you for the wrong reasons.  Being authentic will save you time, energy, money, or heartbreak in the long run. 

#2 Be happy & smile more. 
In order for you to truly enjoy your first date, don’t forget to put on
your charming smile and enjoy the fun. You will radiate true
happiness, and your date will feel your great vibration and have
a good time. You need to be happy on your own so you can be
happier in each other’s presence. You’re looking for a woman to
complement you to grow together, not a woman to complete you.

Always remember, you are whole, perfect and complete on your own. 

#3 Be a gentleman and show chivalry: 
Always remember to be a gentleman to open doors for the lady
and be attentive to her needs. This will show her that you are
focused and thoughtful when you are on a date. 

#4 Enjoy light conversations: 
Remember the qualities that you’re looking for in your soul mate
and determine a few “must have” questions to ask during the
date, to see if she matches with your ideals.  Be sure to ease
into conversations smoothly with your questions and know
what’s important for you to find out from her.  

#5 Focus on the present moment: 

This means try not to use your devices when you are on a date.
Eliminate distractions to truly enjoy a good time. It also means
focus on you and her. Don’t start talking about past relationships
or complain about your exes. Being present also means to be
attentive to her needs, whatever that may be. If she says during
dinner, let’s go for dessert after, or see some city lights, etc. You
will need to know how to react to impromptu requests and try
your best to meet them. 

#6 Be romantic and embody love. 
A first date is a great chance at showcasing how romantic you
can be. Book a candlelit dinner overlooking the city lights to
ignite the romantic feelings. She will feel your romantic
vibrations. Women expect you to lead, especially on the first
date. Thus, you need to know what to do, where to go and how
to embody love and romance during the process. 

#7 Wear an outfit that best suits you. 
First impressions are always the most important. Be sure to wear
your best outfit that suits your personality to show your playful
side and exude confidence.  Be comfortable and clean. Don’t forget to take a shower before the date and spray some light cologne to complete your attractive look. The focus is on looking confident and sexy so she can see you as an attractive man.

#8 Take her off of the pedestal. 
Dating is supposed to be fun and enjoyable. It’s not supposed to
be so results-oriented. Believe you are a good catch, and don’t
worry so much about whether she likes you or wants a second
date with you. You’ll be deprived of a good time if you’re not fully
present. The mentality is- guys, listen up: reverse engineering.
You must believe you are a darn good catch and take her off the
pedestal to be your best authentic self to attract the RIGHT woman to you. Be genuine and that’s the ultimate way to find your true soul mate. 

I hope you enjoy these 8 tips as I enjoy sharing them. As always, I love you more!

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