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10 Signs She is Falling In Love With You


10 Signs She is Falling In Love With You When you are falling for the woman you’re dating, you most likely would want to know if she’s feeling the same way about you. In today’s video, I will be sharing with you the 10 signs that show she’s falling in love with you. If you’re anxiously waiting for her signals, you’ll want to know what the 10 signs are. Enjoy this video and like or comment on it. I would love to hear from you. As always, I love you more


Hi Guys,

You are starting to fall in love with the woman you are dating and
you are anxiously waiting to find out if she’s feeling the same
toward you and your relationship! 

Here are 10 signs that she’s falling in love with you! 

#1 She is consistent. 
If she’s beginning to fall for you, you will notice there is a very
consistent pattern in the way she communicates and spends time with you. She’ll always make you feel she’s there for you, no matter how busy you both get. There’s a constant consistency in her effort to make this relationship last. 

#2 She is shy or smitten when she’s around you! 

When a woman is falling in love with you, she may be so in awe
of your masculinity that she feels overwhelmed, and more shy in
your presence. For example, you may notice that she is too shy
to continue direct eye contact with you, or she’s always smiling
and happy when you are around. These are signs that she’s having strong feelings toward you. 

#3 She listens to you & wants the best for you and vice

When I say she listens to you, I don’t mean she submissively does everything you want her to do. What I mean is, when you provide advice to her, she actually listens to what you have to say, because she cares and values your opinions. This is an important indication that she is open to your positive influence. She cares and likes you so much she welcomes your constructive criticism in bettering herself. But know this: she’s open minded to be challenged and inspired by you, but at the same time, she would also challenge you since she cares about
your personal development and growth as well. 

#4 She takes cares of you. 

Women tend to be more nurturing and loving since they’re raised
to be a caretaker from a young age. When a woman is falling in
love with you, it is very natural for her to start taking care of you.
For example, she may start restocking your pantry with your
favorite food, or even cook/bake your favorite treats without you
requesting. Taking care of you is a way she shows she cares
about you and your well being. 

#5 She integrates her life with you. 

When a woman is into you, she would slowly integrate her life
with yours.  What do I mean by that? It means she might invite
you to family functions, such as birthday celebrations or holiday
gatherings. When a woman is into you, she would want the
people closest to her to get to know you so she can slowly
integrate your lives together. 

#6 She is happy around you. 

When a woman is into you, being around you will make her feel
very happy. She will be in good spirit and feel excited to go on
dates with you, to explore new adventure & experiences
together. When a woman is into you, she would definitely illuminate positive vibes and be her best self around you. 

#7 She appreciates your humor (even when it’s not funny). 

If you are the guy who cracks jokes all the time, this would be a
clear indication if she’s into you.  When a woman is into you, she
will feel that you are so charming and laugh at your jokes
regardless, even if they’re not funny! She will see you through
rose-colored glasses so everything you do is adorable in her

#8 She envisions her future with you in it. 

It doesn’t really matter how long you’ve been dating, when both
you and the woman you are dating start to discuss, even
casually, what the possible future holds, it’s a good sign she’s in
it for the long run. If she starts to use languages such as, “we” or
“let’s” or referring to future events with “us” in it, she’s
envisioning a possible future together with you. 

#9 She respects you and the people you love. 

When a woman is into you, she shows respect to you, as well as
to your boundaries, your career, your aspirations and your
dreams, and she will extend this respect to your family and other
people whom you value and love.  

#10 She takes things slow with you sexually. 

Women tend to be more reserved sexually. When she is serious
about cultivating a long-term romantic and intimate relationship
with you, she tends to be more aware of the pace of the
relationship, especially when to get sexually intimate with you.
She would rather be more cautious and take things slowly than
rush into things without a conscious “end in mind” goal. 

I hope these 10 signs help, as always, I love you more!

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