"I love you, but...."

“I love you, but….”


I love you, but……

I love you.


I can’t love you.


If loving you means-

I need to compromise on being who I am..

In this blossoming relationship-

Where I am being judged..

For being-

100% authentic..

In communicating..

Honestly about-

How I feel..

Or if..

It limits me..

To speak my truths.

Because you get triggered-

By past judgements that..

Others have done to you.

That you become ridiculously moody-

And acted unreasonably

Irrationally to-

Blow things out of proportion.

From a simple discussion.

If you are under the influence of an anti-depressant medication..

That you abruptly-

Throw mood swings..

And I become aware..


You are easing off of it..

It seems like-

I am taking the consequences..

Of you-

experiencing the symptoms.

I wonder-

If you have truly healed from your past toxic relationship.

If you have been relying on medications to boost your moods.

For years-

To pretend-

As if you’ve healed from your past wounds..

Until the truth came out-

That your “happiness” was just an illusion shown on dates.

A facade-


You were wearing.

It was very confusing-

As you blew things way out of proportion.

And threw me “ultimatums.”

And “dealbreakers.”

I was puzzled-


I should forgive you as you were under the “influence” of your withdrawal symptoms.

Or if I should even point the obvious to you..


Please don’t overlook or mistaken my sweet exterior and underestimate my inner strength..

In utilizing the power of walking away..

Listen up..

I don’t respond to “bullying” in any relationship..


I don’t respond to “ultimatums.”

Should I even tell you-


The real dealbreaker is-

Your inauthenticity.

Of not being honest with yourself..

Of not healing your past wounds..

But to sweep it under the rug..

Good luck to you.

Before I get destroyed in your inauthenticity..

Or the threats of your ultimatums..

Or the potentials of your withdrawal symptoms.

It’s just too unhealthy..

It’s just too confusing..

I love you, but..

I choose me.


~ Love you more ❤️


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