"I got catfished....."

“I got catfished…..”


Backtrack over a year ago, before I became a love coach.

My first online date after my divorce was supposedly with an Asian man, aged 50, widower, etc.

I agreed to a dinner date. I arrived early or he was late, I don’t quite remember.

As I got seated in the restaurant, an old man, who appeared to be around 70 years old approached me.

He said,
“Wow, you looked exactly like your pictures!”

I realized he was my date but showed up 20 years older than he claimed to be.

I replied, “Aren’t we supposed to look like our pictures?”

He said, “If I told the truth, I wouldn’t get a chance to meet you in person!”

He justified it as if he did the right thing. As if, women would judge his age and he’s a true victim of it.

I answered, “You’ve wasted my time and your time. I still wouldn’t choose you because you can’t even be honest with yourself.”

I made it clear that his behaviors of not being authentic or accepting himself were not going to be attractive to women shall he continue with his approach.

My learning- authenticity is key to finding true love. It shows that you have deep unconditional love to yourself, deep acceptance & respect for who you are.

How can we expect others to accept us if we don’t even accept ourselves?

Who is with me?

~ Love you more ❤️


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