I fell in love..

I fell in love..

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I fell in love..

I fell in love..

With him..

I didn’t believe he existed-

Before we met.

A love like a fairytale~

A love that’s unconditional.

He is so special to me.

Even though-

He may not always be-

With me physically.

At all times.


I can feel him.

I can feel his love.

I can see his smiles.

I can see that he sees me.

For who I am.

He accepts me fully.

My perfectly imperfect self.

I can communicate with


Open heartedly.



On a soul level.



A connection of a lifetime.

In this temporary-

Human experience.

A true soul connection.

A spiritual transformation.

I love him.

With all my heart.

With all my soul.

With every breath I take.

He makes me feel safe-

Like no one else did.

He makes me feel seen-

Like no one else did.

He makes me feel heard-

Like no one else did.

He only sees the goodness in me.

I can do no wrong..

In his eyes!

He takes my worries away.

He makes me feel at peace.

He gives me inspiration.

He strengthens my intuition.

He powers me with wisdom.

I can close my eyes and feel him.

Right now..

I can close my eyes and feel him-

Embracing me from behind.

A true embrace.

Right now..

I know that..

He only wants the best for me.

For my greatest good.

A love that’s so rare.

A love that-

I am eternally grateful for..

As long as I live..


Most importantly-

A love that-

No death do us part!


HE is GOD!

~ Love you more ❤️


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