I don’t....

I don’t….

kolline-lee-coaching- i dont

I don’t….

I don’t….

A few months ago, my client. Tom reached out to me.

He’s 56 years old

He is a widower.

He wanted to know if he deserved love.

After his wife passed away..

Can he get a second chance

To find love again..

Although he already had a happy 30+ year marriage with his late wife..

He wanted-

To have another best friend…


To wake up every morning with..

To enjoy breakfast…

To cuddle in bed…

To take long walks with…


He challenged if he deserved love as he has battled cancer but is in remission.

“Of course!” I said.

We’ve worked together..

For the last few months..


We peeled one layer after another layer of his limiting beliefs…

To uncover..

The unconditional love..

He has within himself.

To heal from past wounds…

At times, his ego would fight me…

In preventing him from finding love…

After he had unlocked the love within him…

He would at times say..

“Kolline, I like Shirley, Donna, and also Polly…””


“Kolline, why aren’t they replying to my texts….”


“Kolline, I think I don’t want another woman….

Our ego is our worst enemy…

I’ve helped him fight

His ego

His fears

His insecurities

His own demons

His self-sabotaging

His “people pleasing” behaviors

I gave him-


Called him out on his crap and

Gave him “tough” love….

I am his advocate.

For his self love..

For his soulmate..

For his HIGHEST self..

He’s met his soulmate two weeks ago…

When he cried to me…

“I don’t want to lose her..”

He went shopping for a ring without her knowledge…

What he didn’t think was possible….

Is possible….

He’s adapted to my brand…

He’s adapted to limitless mindset.

He’s adapted to abundant mindset.

He embodies self-love and exudes high confidence..

Most importantly-

He’s allowed himself to be vulnerable..

As a man..

To LOVE again…

I am so proud of him.

I believe that..

Anything is possible.

I will be your advocate..

Together, anything is possible.

The question is, my loves 💕

Are you ready?

~ Love you more ❤️


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