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We’ve all heard the phrase “charity begins at home”. Well, your search for your soul mate does too. Much like the beloved proverb encourages, you should take care of yourself first – before thinking of others.

If you don’t confront yourself and your own demons, you’ll neglect your own needs and ultimately, make poor decisions about who you end up with. And you could end up with a woman who is completely wrong for you.

Fortunately, I’ve packaged this process into 3 easy to remember steps for my clients and you at home…Mirror, Signal, Maneuver. 


When did you last check yourself out in the mirror? Well, take a long hard look at yourself, and take stock. If you’re being totally honest, is the guy you’re staring at ready to find someone? If you’re nursing a broken heart, or recovering from a complicated relationship, taking a break may be your best bet for now. Because if you’re in a negative headspace, or you’re not your usual self, you’ll attract the wrong woman for you entirely. 

Similarly, if you’re unnecessarily overworked or sleep deprived – you’re very unlikely to attract your soulmate. The right woman for you is searching for someone who has his life together – so get it together. 

Your reflection can tell you a lot about your lifestyle too. Perhaps you need to mix up your diet, and schedule some regular exercise into your week. Make time for the right health, fitness, and lifestyle choices, and the right time to meet your soulmate will follow.


Wondering why you’re not surrounded by the right women? Have you considered what signals you’re giving off to the traffic in the other lanes? The signals we make, and the people we make them to, are key if you want to avoid disaster in the course of your dating life. 

Your energy and aura are constantly being observed by those around you, but are you giving off the right vibes? Make sure you engage with social events- if you seem interested, open-minded, and game for a laugh, you’ll attract similarly spirited people. Be attentive, check that your body language is open and inviting, and wherever possible, demonstrate kindness – these are sure-fire signals you’re a straight-up guy, looking for love. 

And your online presence can be as important as your offline presence too. Does your social media reflect the type of person you want to be? Would you want to date you? Don’t be afraid to engage and flirt with people online – it’s a great way to signal interest, without the added pressure of fumbling over your words, or turning the dreaded shades of crimson… 


Have you thought about the maneuver you’re about to make? Don’t be too impulsive when you’re making moves in your dating life. Stepping too far out of your comfort zone is not always the smartest decision – if it feels a bit haphazard and clumsy, it probably is. And before you know it, you’ll be colliding with the wrong woman.

Consider what your strongest dating maneuver has been in the past, and start by giving that a go. Great with charming one-liners? Try that with the lady you’ve got your eye on in the office. Don’t copy the guy next to you, or pick up lazy habits. If you want to meet Ms. Right, make moves that are authentic to you and the person you want to be. If you’re being inauthentic, you’ll attract the wrong woman.

Yes, be spontaneous – but avoid being too impulsive. Consider, and walk through the move you’re about to make before you execute it. Screw up the first go? No sweat. Take a deep breath, check your mirror… and start again. 

~ Love you more ❤️


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