How hot are you?

How hot are you?

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How hot are you?

How hot are you?

That’s right.

On a scale of 1-10..

What score would you give yourself..

If I were to ask you..

How do you feel..

The opposite sex would rate you at?

On a scale of..


The #1 secret in dating…

And in relationships..

People feel how you feel about yourself..

Thus, can you fake it until you make it?

To a certain extent..

And it’s only temporary..


People can sense your self image..

People feel your confidence..

People feel your self image..

People feel how open you are..

People feel your charisma..

People feel how worthy you feel toward yourself..

It’s all in your energy..

In your aura..

How would you rate yourself?

I know..

No one is perfect..

But if you represent you..

In dating and relationships..

You better know what you stand for..

You need to master not only..

Physical attributes..

But also..

Your core values.

99% of the people in dating have trouble ATTRACTING

Who they want to be with..

The RIGHT person..

They are stuck in their old relational pattern..

Or they don’t even know they have a pattern..

That’s simply because

They have no clarity of who & what they are looking for..

They think they know..

But 95% of our mind is in the subconscious..

We are unaware of what subconscious programming

We are running..

Behind the scenes..


They are simply lost in dating..

If you were to ask my daughters..

They would tell you..


“All men like and want mommy!”

Yes, I’ve heard that many times from them..

That’s my reality..

And I am not even looking..

But when I do..

The minute I turn on my dating apps

Or go out in the real world..

I would get a score of 10.


I just told you..

Reach out if you want to transform your love life…

To attract the RIGHT person..

You only need 1.

~ Love you more ❤️


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