"Hey,it's me."

“Hey,it’s me.”

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Who is my celebrity crush?

Gerard Butler.


He’s so maturely masculine and handsome.

So I met a man online that reminded me of Gerard Butler.

In our first FaceTime-

He shared, “I am very successful!”

“Okay, what do you mean?” I asked.

“I run a 30 million dollar company!”

“Great! Teach me how!” I was curious.

“You wouldn’t have to work if we are together,” he said proudly.

“No, I want to manifest on my own.”

He said, “Ok, I will teach you.”

He asked me out on a date and said he would let me know the restaurant on the day of as he wanted to surprise me.

Hmmm.. 🚩

One hour before our meeting time, he “texted” that urgent things came up and he would be late. 🚩

With the pending restaurant & meeting time, I seriously didn’t think I have time to be led on this way.

So I texted “Best of luck to you!”

The thing is-

I value MY time.

I don’t care how successful he is or if he’s the real Gerard Butler!

I refuse to tolerate for anyone, even a friend, to devalue me or my time.

Especially if we haven’t truly met in real life.

He texted numerous times after AS IF he didn’t understand my response.

Lastly, he left me a VM two hours later with the
“Hey, it’s me! Call me!” 🚩

Who is hey? And who is he to me?


~ Love you more ❤️


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