"God please help me.."

“God please help me..”


Backtrack my life 3 years ago, when my ex abandoned me for the 3rd time, I was suicidal one night.

Right before I fell asleep, I called my dad and questioned him, “If there was God, these things would not have happened to me! I didn’t do one single bad thing in my life!”

Of course, I was a low self-esteem traditional Chinese woman, living in a dis-empowered life and felt stuck in a narcissistic co-dependent relationship that had lasted 14 years.

Let me state: I respect all religions and I am inclusive in my views on spirituality. I believe there’s a higher power in this universe that governs things that we can’t control. So you may call that higher power as God/Lord/Universe/ Vortex/Allah/Buddha, etc.

I embrace that all of us may have different experiences in our journey to find our true life’s purpose!

God came to me that very night. He spun me into the sky, slowly then very fast, lifted me up from my bed passing my ceiling into the sky.

At that moment, I was certain who he was without a doubt. I pleaded, “God, please help me!” He answered firmly, “No one can help you, only YOU can!”

That was the moment I took my power back to reinvent my life!

Do you believe there’s a higher power governing this universe?

~ Love you more ❤️


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