"Did you cheat on your wife?"

“Did you cheat on your wife?”


Did you cheat on your wife?

That is right.

I was on a consultation call a month ago.

The client was from Instagram.

During the one hour…

He spent 40 minutes telling me…

How his wife left him…


Another man….

A younger man..

A man who is…

His son’s baseball coach…

And how…

They have 4 kids together…

And how..

She left him…

Left him..

Broken hearted!

He went on and on..

Blaming her.

Complaining about her.

I listened..

I took notes..

I put myself in his wife’s shoes.


My intuition told me..

Something doesn’t add up..

Something’s off.


I know- as a woman

If his wife loved him so much as to have 4 children with him…

She would not..


Break her own family-


I asked him…

“When did she start pulling away?”

He said, “two years ago!”

I asked if he knew what caused it.

He said a misunderstanding occurred when he said to his wife-

“I want to f•ck the sh•t out of you!”

“Excuse me?” I reconfirmed.

He repeated and said, “I told my wife I wanted to f•ck the sh•t out of her!”


I got it.

Say no more.

I had only one question for him.

Wait for it-

I asked-

“Did you cheat on your wife?”

He paused and asked, “Why do you ask that?”

I continued..

To ask again-

“Did you cheat on your wife?”

After 3 seconds of silence-

He choked up and said, “I did cheat on her. I broke my own family, didn’t I?”

Say no more.


~ Love you more ❤️


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