"He will always be your daddy..."

“He will always be your daddy…”


Backtrack three years ago when I decided to go through “conscious uncoupling”, I had to tell my two daughters (age 12 & 10).

“Girls, mommy loves you very much but I will not be able to stay married to your daddy. He will always be your daddy.”

They looked sad but they knew it was coming.

I continued, “How can I better support you as we will have to sell our house?”

They stayed silent then said, “Can we stay in the same school, not to lose our friends and get a dog?”

Staying in the same school district and having a dog would ultimately incur more costs- even I had no income then. I promised them.

To me, having a dog would support the healing process- it is to instill a mindset of love, compassion, and giving.

You heal as you focus on things, people, or intention(s) that are beyond yourself. There’s always less fortunate people in this world.

I always help by donating to animal shelters, Feeding American annually, etc.

Teddy, a golden retriever, was a very well behaved puppy with his humble and honest personality. He’s filled with pure love and joy.

We slowly healed in the process of raising Teddy.

Instead of wallowing in a victim mindset or in our own pain, we can always think beyond ourselves.

Do you have a pet?

~ Love you more ❤️


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