Are you nice?

Are you nice?

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Are you nice?

Are you nice?


I get this question all the time.

The latest version was..

“Why don’t guys pick nice girls?”

When we flip the script…

“Why don’t girls pick nice guys!”

It applies to both genders, right??


What am I getting at?

Let’s define the word “nice”!

Sure, let’s Google it..

Guess what..

Nice is defined as pleasant, agreeable, and satisfactory..


Pleasant is… pleasant..

Ok.. let’s look at the next two words..

Sure thing..

But would you want to be with someone..

Who is “agreeable”?

Then, ask yourself..

Would you want to be with someone…

Who is “satisfactory”?

What do these two words imply to you??


That’s right..

Thus, nice implies average…

If you were a boss at work..

You would want to hire the BEST suitable candidate for the job opening..

Am I right?!!

Would you hire someone who is an average candidate?

I doubt it!!

Okay, this applies in dating and relationships also..

Shift your mindset..

Now, you have an opening for your “soulmate” position…

The most important person in your life..

Would you just pick an average person?

When each and everyone of us is indeed unique…

There’s nothing wrong with being nice but usually it means they are JUST nice, nothing unique about them..

And being JUST nice just isn’t an attractive trait in itself…

It’s just not enough..

In dating..

In relationships..

In all aspects of life where we should accentuate our uniqueness..

Need I say more??

~ Love you more ❤️


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