Are you drunk?

Are you drunk?

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Are you drunk?

Are you drunk?

Let’s reverse engineer why I became a love coach!


I simply..

I simply aced in dating..

Even after I have gone through a toxic marriage..

A traumatic divorce..

I healed myself..

Layer by layer..

Year over year..

Then I started dating.


I studied all the methods my previous love coach has taught me..

Then, I studied all of the methods any love coaches out there promoted..

Then I tested..

On myself..

On what truly worked..

Through trials and errors..


Practice makes perfect!

I invented my own..

I condensed many years of inner and outer work into my program.

Love is definitely a journey..

Backtrack two years ago..

One night..

In the middle of the night..

I woke up and saw a notification of.

A voice mail..

“Who has left me a VM at 1 am?” I asked myself..


I saw his name..


By then, we had been dating for a few months..

Not extensively..

We were both busy.

But he was the main guy I was seeing..

What I heard from that VM-

I can still remember..

Till this day..

Like I can play that VM in my head anytime..

To feel what I felt.

At that instant moment..

Did I know what I would’ve heard the moment I press the play button?


Not at all!

I never would’ve thought..

Someone like HIM would leave a VM like this..

“Why would he leave me a VM in the middle of the night?“

I asked myself again..

“Is he in danger?”

“Is he in trouble?”

“Does he need help?”


As I pressed the play button..

I heard..

His handsome voice..

“Hey, it’s me!”

Then he paused for 5 seconds..

Then continued with..

“I love you!”

He repeated it again..

“I love you!”

Then added..

“There, I said it!”

I was in disbelief and thought to myself if he was drunk..

No. He wasn’t drunk.

I played that VM again..

And thought..

I interpreted the “There, I said it!”

As if..

That I won..

Since he caved in to say “I love you” first!

Aww, that’s so him!

The next day, he called again to tell me again..

To prove that he wasn’t drunk..

My loves 💕

Love comes when you least expect it..

Reach out if you want to be a love magnet!

~ Love you more ❤️


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