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About Kolline Lee, Love Coach

Kolline Lee Love Coach For Men

Hi, I am Kolline Lee and I am a Certified Love, Relationship and Intimacy coach. I can help you transform your love life!

If you are a single or divorced individual who is struggling with dating or simply have no time to look for a woman and would like to be more focused in your search, I can help you. Working with me is not going to be about giving you tricks and tactics to get dates. We will work on the fundamental skills you need that will last you a lifetime.

Having a master’s degree in child development and my studies in human psychology, I am able to quickly understand the deep set issues that we all carry from childhood that are holding you back from finding the love of your life. Together we identify past events and experiences that influenced or shaped you and contribute to your existing relationship patterns.

This gives you a deep understanding about yourself which will guide your life in the future and free you to find love.

Many traumatic events in my own life – infidelity, a bad marriage, death of my brother, dealing with a narcissistic ex, means I have a deep understanding of overcoming traumatic situations. I can easily empathize with you and help you heal and forgive, leading you to the life you envision.

My soft skills of coaching and communication allow me to spot any potential problems you may encounter early on and prevent them from escalating, which means you will make much faster progress towards your goals by working with me.

And, of course, being a woman, I bring perspectives from both men and women and I understand loving relationships and what makes them work. This allows me to help you understand what high value people are looking for in order to help you attract the right person, and have the right person be committed to you.

I am a master at uncovering authenticity in men and empowering them to create permanent transformation in their love lives that lasts a lifetime through empathetic listening.

After working with me, my clients are able to be more assertive, playful, sexually attractive and communicative and showcase their personality in a unique and authentic way.

Love you more ❤️


Ready to find a better way to find love? Life long happiness? Want to find out what love coaching is all about? If you know that you are serious about finding your soulmate - and fast - then simply click the button below.

You will be taken to my online calendar to book an Unlock Your Love Call. Simply choose a date and time that suits you and we will get to know each other. I will walk you through a Find Lasting Love plan – tailored especially for you.
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