"A majority of women see marriage as the deepest form of commitment." - Kolline Lee Coaching

“A majority of women see marriage as the deepest form of commitment.”


It doesn’t matter if it stems from cultural, spiritual beliefs, or family upbringings, a majority of the women seek the deepest form of commitment through marriage.

What is your deepest commitment in a romantic relationship?

If you are dating right now, what different levels of commitment can you provide as time progresses? Is it based on where you are in your life? Is it based on the emotional bond and connection that you create with your mate? Is it based on time and consistency of a good romantic relationship?

It doesn’t matter if it is marriage, cohabitation or long term partnership. How or what does that look like to you?

Be aligned with who you are and what you seek. Take a moment to define that. Know what you truly want in your heart, then pursue the woman who shares similar goals in a romantic relationship. It would save you time, energy and heartbreaks in the long run.


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