37 Days Of Romance

37 Days Of Romance

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The longest I ever dated a specific man lasted 37 days.

It was 37 days of romance.

It ended abruptly.

From my perception-

He walked away from me while I was still talking.

As if..


He was done listening to me.

To me-

It’s rude for anyone to walk away from someone while the other person was still talking/communicating.

At that moment, he pushed the “1” last button in me I didn’t know I had.

Before I left the scene, I reacted to his “shutting me down” in communication with the final text that said-

“For the record, you walked away from me when I was still talking.”

I was done.

Because that wasn’t the first time he withdrew love & affection in a disagreement.

But this time, it was ridiculously unbelievable.

Nor did he care if I got home safely.

I called this…

1% toxicity.

It ended the relationship.

But why did I still have that 1 button to be pushed?

That’s my learning.

I appreciate his 99% of love, affection, & communication.

When the universe wants to take someone out of your life, it happens abruptly.

I had no choice but to let go.

I surrendered to healing.

I spent a day focusing on self-love.

I didn’t publish my weekly YouTube video.

I needed to take care of myself.


~ Love you more ❤️


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