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‘Time and tide’ wait for no man – and the same logic can be applied to your dating life. Sitting around wondering why you don’t have a date locked in this weekend? Well, there’s your first problem. Stop moping and start moving. 

The best way to change the outlook for your dating life is to do something about it – now. Your soulmate is out there, she’s just waiting for you to pull your finger out, and finally ask her out.

So as the King of smooth Fred Astaire once said, ‘Chin up, Chest out, Best foot forward’…

  1. Chin Up

Even if your ego is feeling a little bruised from the last lady in your life, brush yourself off and start again. Be thick skinned and accept that everything happened exactly the way it was supposed to. Now is the time to move on and seize the day.

Buy that shirt you’ve been eyeing, or that aftershave you skipped last month. Shower, get dressed, and start to feel good about yourself. Go to that outdoor winery you’ve been meaning to visit, with the friend you’ve not spoken to in a while.

You won’t meet your soulmate just sitting around at home, so get back out there.

  1. Chest out

Be confident and stride into rooms with swagger – confidence is sexy and draws people in. Stand up tall and walk up confidently to start a conversation with that girl you just made eyes with on the street – make the first move, introduce yourself. 

And each day, make a mental note to be present with everyone you meet – engage with the woman you see regularly at the park, and interact with new people from the office at happy hour. Take ownership for plans and socializing, and encourage other people to get out – try being a ringleader, or try something new altogether. 

Take risks, be bold, and be comfortable in your own skin – it’s alluring and attractive to your potential soulmate.

  1. Best Foot Forward:

Know your strengths when it comes to meeting women or finding love, and start using them now. If you’re good at conversing with strangers, get talking. If you can be charming, or thoughtful, make sure you’re finding opportunities to show off your charm and kindness in the next few days. 

Maybe your ‘best foot’ is a person in your life who brings you happiness or sparks joy – now is the time to connect with them. Be honest about your feelings; if you’ve hidden them in the past – throw caution to the wind and open up.  

And be mindful with your time this week, at every opportunity – don’t waste hours away. Position yourself close to the people who bring out the best in you – even if that person is someone you need to reconnect with. Reach out to them.

Above all, have fun and spark joy wherever possible – happiness and contentment is the best remedy for attracting your dream woman. 

~ Love you more ❤️


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